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Igniting the American Pulpit
Bringing life to the American Pew
Restoring the American Cultural Landscape


Our mission is to elevate the American pulpit. We seek to posture the church as the prime institution of leadership in our communities morally, spiritually, and intellectually. The central position of the church in society once represented the backbone of American greatness.

America’s preachers were the key instruments in the decision of the colonies to engage the British in a fight for our independence from English rule. The King of England referred to the war as a Presbyterian Rebellion. The early American pulpits were filled with political sermons, as the preachers in those days preached the whole Word of God and related it to every aspect of life. Government, politics, and education did not escape the watchful eye of these men who were drenched in a thorough Biblical world-view.

The spiritual, moral, and intellectual decline in the American pew has led to the near death of the American cultural landscape.

Our “Evangelical” pulpits no longer preach a Biblical Gospel. We have attempted to build a church focused on little more than a promise of an after-life accompanied by a minimal focus on earthly responsibilities. Quite unlike the Gospel Paul presented when he pointed out that the Gospel he preached was preached to Abraham before him (Galatians 3:8). This look to the book of Genesis indicated that the first-century message did not jettison the “Older Testament.” Rather, unless one built upon it, there would be no Biblical validity to the message. Until we see God’s grand purposes to glorify Himself over all the earth and in all the nations as our own grand mission, we will continue to wallow in a truncated and self-centered Gospel focused on an escape of the earthly to a paradise intended to please mankind as the end goal of God’s plan for the cosmos.

We are advocating a return of the pulpits to a full and Biblically complete understanding of the Gospel rather one focused solely on “justification” and subsequent eternal rewards. Only then will our emaciated pews develop the vibrancy which transforms cultures and nations. Our team would like to work with you, the pastor and your leadership team to discuss the implications of this theological shift to Biblical veracity in our ecclesiology, our evangelistic techniques and our approach to cultural transformation.